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Online Drummer

The Drums Course (videos)

Zoom H4n for recording drums

Tascam DR-40

Crash Course

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Jazz Academy

Jazz School Rushden


Hal Leonard

Hal Leonard Library

Drum Amps

Subzero DR30 Amp

French Terms

French English
la batterie the drums, the drumkit
la caisse claire the snare drum
les toms the tom-toms
les tam-tams the tom-toms
le tom alto/basse - the high/low tom-tom
la caisse (de batterie) the drum
la grosse caisse the bass drum
la caisse claire the snare drum
les cymbales the cymbals
la cymbale suspendue the ride cymbal
la cymbale ride the ride cymbal
le charleston the hi-hat
la cymbale supérieure/inférieure - the upper/lower hi-hat
la pédale the pedal
les baguettes the drumsticks
le bali the brush

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