Five year plan

For: January 10th 2017
Update: January 22nd 2018

Have played live as a jazz drummer

I would not have to be that good, but I want to have played live at least once.

Sort out the drainage in Parisot


Set up my own consultancy

error.gif ABANDONED in favour of job at Essex.

Learn to speak Italian


I would like like Lynne and I to spend time in Italy

Spend a couple of months in Australia


Move to France


Get jazz shack built


Successfully achieved since last update

  • Move to Essex University check.gif
  • Get building started check.gif
  • Completed new septic tank in Parisot by end of 2014. check.gif
  • Completed building Permission (part 1) for Parisot by end of 2013. check.gif
  • Have started having lessons to become jazz drummer check.gif
  • Sell congas check.gif
  • Buy drum kit check.gif
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