Installing Gpress

  1. Download, unzip and copy whole dir structure into SoundExchange/wordpress/wp-content/plugins.
  2. Go to WP dashboard and click on plugins and then click on activate for gpress

This gives:


Adding a place

Gpress adds its own menu on the LH side. Click on 'Add a place'.

Then enter the UK postcode for the location and then save - and that's it. Note that a place is similar to a page in that it has a WP style URL.

Gpress shortcodes

They can be entered directly into pages

e.g. [gpress map_position="3.194, 101.680" marker_title="Title of Place"]This is the description[/gpress]

This requires the long/lat co-ordinates which assumes a postcode->long/lat conversion as user will only enter postcode.

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